Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Discovery

I dedicate this story to my dad, H. Garth Hawley,
and my Uncle, Robert Hawley.

I have purchased a livestock truck. It is my limousine.

Do not get worried I did not pay much for it. I hope you will not think that A.G. has gone plain loco mad in his older years. But to my surprise, what happiness I discovered getting behind the wheel and driving my livestock truck.

I also discovered something that has haunted me all my life. Most of you know the story of how my dad died. We were in his livestock truck hauling cattle when he had a heart attack and died. At the time of his death I was 8 years old.

When I was with my Dad riding in his livestock truck I was so proud, so happy. I thought he and I owned the world. And then it was taken away so suddenly. I guess I did not comprehend all that happened to me up until now.

My uncle Robert Hawley had a livestock truck, and when I was about ten, my cousin Dave took me for rides in it. Those rides sure brought back memories. One time we drove all the way to Milwaukee from Argyle and took in a Milwaukee Braves game. I really want to thank Dave for doing that. I guess I was the youngest Hawley at the time and everyone looked out for me.

All these years I've had in the back of my mind that I would purchase a Livestock or a limousine. Recently one became available, and it seemed the time had come. I do not think I will actually haul cattle with it, but I tell my workers you never know. If you are ever in Wisconsin or near Mt. Horeb stop in and I'll give you a ride in My Livestock Truck. It has taken away past pains.

Thanks for reading my story and please reply sometime at your convenience.

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  1. Brother Al, I just read your blog--and wanted to tell you that your desire to own a livestock truck was sweet and uplifting as could be--and well-written as well. (That's saying a lot,as you know!) I was touched by all the details you remembered and included, some of which I did not know about. So I printed it out to save in my book of precious memories. Do you want me to copy one and send it to Dave? He is celebrating his 30th year as a minister, as you probably know, and I know he'd appreciate it. Keep writing, big brother! You have lots of stories to tell! Love, Sister Mary