Friday, February 3, 2012


Coming up:
Sat. Feb 11, 2012 starting at 10 Am with stamp collections, coins, jewelry and antiques.

Sat. Feb. 18th we will having our on line auction only for die cast cars, starting at 1:00 PM.


Well a date nail is a nail that has a number on the head used by railroad companies to date the ties in what year they were planted into the railroad bed. The earliest year was 1899 in North America. They were used by railroads in Europe before this time. They were used by railroad companies until 1970... We have a collection of these old relics. On Feb. 25. 2012 at 10AM

Then on Sat. Feb. 25th we will be having collectibles, antiques and an Automobile, old pinball machine, WWI bayonet, Grandfather clock, A Collection of Date Nails from the New England states.

If you are looking for a full list of what we are selling, with pictures and click onto auctionzip. good luck a g hawley

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Grandchildern

The Hawley Family has grown:

I have 2 new grand children they were born on Dec. 5th 2010 and Dec. 6th 2010 to my son and daughter-in-law. There names are Fynlee Grace born first on Dec. 5th and Kru Jaxson was born Dec. 6th. I want to thank my daughter-in-law Jennifer she was a real trooper and was very courageous in the ordeal of having twins. I was very impressed. The babies are doing fine and my son Johnny has really taken on the role of father, and parenthood. I am impressed again.
But the biggest impression are these two little babies are so beautiful.

Boy folks am I proud grandfather or what... I just want to say that I really have 2 good reasons to keep on living A.G. Hawley

in the New Staff

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

October Auction by Robert Koehler

Retaining its poignant abundance,
behind the family home,
an ancient barn is listed as scrap.

An unharvested cornfield rustles
in the far back seats,
muttering its raspy disapproval.

Before the bidding can get started,
a rising wind carts away
that rust colored carpet of leaves.

Filled with the same impish wind,
prim church dresses
on the clothesline begin to tango.

Yellow jackets escalate the price
when hands are raised
in a vain bid to brush them away.

Common as frost, the auctioneer
wisely lets those geese
passing overhead go for a song.

Robert Koehler is a friend of mine. He is a medical librarian at Meriter Hospital, Madison, WI.. We talk sports, news, life and of course books. I overheard one of the head doctors describing Robert as a World class librarian. Not only is he that type of librarian but also an individual.
I'd better mention his assistant Sharon, she is world class too.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Discovery

I dedicate this story to my dad, H. Garth Hawley,
and my Uncle, Robert Hawley.

I have purchased a livestock truck. It is my limousine.

Do not get worried I did not pay much for it. I hope you will not think that A.G. has gone plain loco mad in his older years. But to my surprise, what happiness I discovered getting behind the wheel and driving my livestock truck.

I also discovered something that has haunted me all my life. Most of you know the story of how my dad died. We were in his livestock truck hauling cattle when he had a heart attack and died. At the time of his death I was 8 years old.

When I was with my Dad riding in his livestock truck I was so proud, so happy. I thought he and I owned the world. And then it was taken away so suddenly. I guess I did not comprehend all that happened to me up until now.

My uncle Robert Hawley had a livestock truck, and when I was about ten, my cousin Dave took me for rides in it. Those rides sure brought back memories. One time we drove all the way to Milwaukee from Argyle and took in a Milwaukee Braves game. I really want to thank Dave for doing that. I guess I was the youngest Hawley at the time and everyone looked out for me.

All these years I've had in the back of my mind that I would purchase a Livestock or a limousine. Recently one became available, and it seemed the time had come. I do not think I will actually haul cattle with it, but I tell my workers you never know. If you are ever in Wisconsin or near Mt. Horeb stop in and I'll give you a ride in My Livestock Truck. It has taken away past pains.

Thanks for reading my story and please reply sometime at your convenience.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness

I was really amazed at the response and I want to thank everyone who donated on the Oct. 10th auction. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I told the story that my first wife died in October 13 years ago,of breast cancer, so we passed the hat an the donations came out to $80.46 I will match that so we have a total of $160.92 THANKS MUCH TO EVERYONE AGH

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big weekend coming up!

Took some time off to get married, and now "life" is back with a vengeance! You can see wedding pictures at

Two auctions coming up this weekend, both in Mount Horeb, one at the sale barn and one at a house in town.

On Saturday AUGUST 15, 2009 10:00 A.M.:

2669 HWY P
photos at 2 sites:
JUST A FEW are at
but MANY MORE (plus online bidding) are at

Directions: Hwy 18-151 west (exit 70) 15 miles West of Madison, or 1 mile East of Mt. Horeb

GUNS: This is a especially nice selection of guns!! Beretta model 687 Ducks Unlimited .410 O/U cased shotgun, Browning semi-auto .22 short smokeless rifle, Belgium Browning A-5 Semi-Auto Magnum Twenty- Ex, Savage Model 29 .22 pump - Octagon barrel, Winchester model 1887 10 ga. lever action shotgun, 2 - Winchester model 94 30-30 carbines- both pre 64, Winchester model 67A .22 rifle, Winchester model 02 .22, Remington model 8 .35 Rem. semi-auto rifle - EX, Remington model 870 12ga. Remington model 11 12ga. 2 -Mossberg model 500A 12ga. Accu choke vent rib shotguns, also a 20ga. Mossberg 500A vent rib Accu choke shotgun, Mossberg model 835 Accu choke 12ga. vent rib shotgun, Ruger model 10/22 rifle (the Mossberg shotguns and the Ruger .22 are unfired), Sears model 54 lever action 30-30 carbine, Universal M-1 .30 cal. carbine, Savage model 1899 takedown .22 H.P. lever action, US Springfield Armory model 1903 - original condition, WW2 Japanese Type 99 "Last Ditch" Arisaka rifle with MUM intact - from Okinawa, 4 double barrel hammer shotguns - T. Barker, Eclipse, Neumann Bros, W Richard, J Stevens 12 ga. SxS, Scout 12 ga. SxS, 3 single shot shotguns, Jukar black powder flintlock rifle, CVA black powder flintlock pistol, CVA black powder Derringer, 2 black powder Navy Colt & Army repros.,1919 6.5 mm X55 Swedish Mauser by Carl Gustafo Stads Gervarsfaktori original bayonet, 16 ga. single shot gun, 2 pellet guns with scopes, J.C. Higgins Model 33 .22, Daisy BB gun, Winchester Model 1200 20 ga. pump, Remington 12ga. pump Model 870 shot gun, Remington model 12 .22 pump, US Krag bayonet 1900.

ARTWORK: 2 Paul Austin original watercolors, 5 Lebadang Limited Edition prints

COLLECTIBLES: 3 crocks - 15gal, 3 gal, jug red wing, Children's table and chair, wicker doll buggy, old tools, old sleds, milk cans, Oil lamps, camera, scale, wall mounted shelf, round lamp table, Decanters to include 1913 Buick rare sipping Whiskey Decanter, Wild turkey, and others, Old collectible children's books, binoculars, 1944 Edgar Allen Poe, old kitchen utensils, old bible, Military metals, from WWII, and Vietnam, Large wooden bowl, old sleds, wood benches, old plane, walking stick sword, tackle box with lures, bamboo fly rod

GLASSWARE: Depression glass, to include Monax Berry bowl set & green, 5 Cherry Blossom sherbet, Large crock bowl, American sweetheart cream & sugar, 6 ruby red beer bottles, Oriental bookends, 3 piece tea set, Bell bank, 3 Popeye glasses, Lefton china, Haeger vase, Hummel music boxes, "Wonderer", Many figurines of Hummel style and music boxes, Lefton Birthday Angels, Candle huggers, Many others to numerous to mention

AUTOMOTIVE: 1978 FORD PICK-UP with Aluminum rims, needs motor put in, pick-up topper, ladder rack for VAN; other auto parts, 2 single axle trailers 1 8ft. and 1 10ft. tilt beds, 4 aluminum wheels for Chrysler vehicle, 89 – 91 Ford pick up for parts, 12ft. dbl. axel trailer

TOOLS: Craftsman tool box, and wrenches, sockets, Stihl chain saw with easy pull, portable air compressor, Milwaukee hammer drill, Mikita disc grinder, tarps, saws, cement finishing tools, portable pull behind sprayer for riding lawn mower, floor jacks, long handle tools, come a long, shovels, scoops, wire, blade for riding lawn mower, work bench

HOUSEHOLD: Extensive Bunk Bed system with dresser, desk, chair and bookshelves, new toilet, stools, bookshelves, sofa sleeper, upright freezer, futon, 2 recliners, ext. ladders, coffee tables, lamp stands, Piano, toaster oven, bread maker, pasta maker, like new couch

MISCELLANEOUS: Like new AIR HOCKEY TABLE, Honeywell wood burning furnace w/blowers, upright display cases with glass doors, picnic tables, large wall mirror, cases of oil, mole traps, all sizes of lumber, plastic rolls

TERMS: Cash, check, credit cards, 10% buyers fee, 5.5% sales tax, no guarantees, warranties, not responsible for accidents/losses.

2669 HWY P, MT. HOREB, WI  53572

ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 16th at 11 AM:
Lillian Sonnenburg
309 South 5th Street – Mt. Horeb, WI

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE:  Lillian Sonnenburg has sold her home and is downsizing.

Directions:  From hyw 18-151 travel south on hwy 92 ( 8th street) to Garfield, turn right and go to 5th street, turn left.  Watch for Hawley auction arrows.

Duncan Phyfe dining room table + 6 chairs, Lg. pine entertainment center, sofa/loveseat – floral, display hutch, china cabinet, assorted table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps, bookcase,                                

Formica kitchen table + 4 maple chairs, round end tables, sewing cabinet, upholstered easy chairs,  magazine racks,  vintage stereo/radio cabinets, sofa sleeper, knee desk, dresser, Children’s toy high chair, dolls


Complete set (149) Web of Spiderman and 60 – Knights of the Dinner Table
Dishes – ETC.
 2 crock bowls, German beer steins, silver plate trays, vegetable/dip tray, flatware, Hull Jewel T.  plates,  lemonade set w/11 glasses  - pressed glass, candle holders- depression, milk glass vase, Homer Laughlin “Georgiana” service for 8, Epoch service for 8, cocktail glasses, canister set, mug tree, pots/pans, tupperware, clear nesting bowls, Pyrex – pie plates, casserole, Sm. appliances – blender, air popcorn, coffee grinder, sm. crock pot, punch bowl, cocktail glasses, ice bucket, martini shaker, assorted beer glasses

Dishwasher, 2 boxes towels, electric blanket, bed pillows, assort. blankets & sheets, assorted fabric, rugs, adding machines, Olympia manual typewriter, wicker hamper, frames, box of wicker, decorative wall clock, sewing notions, afghan, assorted wall pictures, sm. wood shelf,  poker chips, 16 boxes assorted decorative/ holiday items, shoe rack, wrought iron plant stand, Lifestyle exercise bike, wooden TV trays, 2 metal shelving units, wet/dry vac, chair cushions, globe,  lawn trolls, canning jars, advertising wood box, vacuum, heart shaped stand, many puzzles

Aluminum ladders saw horses, wood picnic table, porch swing – wood, wheelbarrow

bird bath, small Weber grill, long handled yard tools, sled, hose caddy, decorative lawn windmill

patio set –table, 4 chairs w/cushions – white, wood ladders 

TERMS: Cash, check, credit cards, 10% buyers fee, NO sales tax, no guarantees, warranties, not responsible for accidents/losses.

2669 HWY P, MT. HOREB, WI  53572